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Visioneering 1.2

We continue our series in this third episode that focuses on visualization. You’ll hear today how important the details are. Each day that you go to work on visioneering the life you would love to live, add more details to it! And YES, do this daily! In the morning when you wake up and before you drift off to sleep at night. Perhaps even throw in a few sessions during the course of your day.

Before long, the vision you’ve been holding WILL become your day and your life! Daily attention to detail and specifics, plus feeling it all real are key ingredients.

Think of new construction. First the architect draws on ideas and creates an image in mind. Then the architects commits the image to the drawing board adding every detail. The architect designs a plan for a sound and sturdy structure. With a detailed plan, the workers come together daily,  adding the building blocks necessary for the structure to rise. Before long the building is complete. It has moved from ‘non-form,’ an image held in mind by the architect, into the world of form, as the building we see, a physical reality!

This is how it works in our life as well. Decide what you want and then get to work designing your life, you’re the architect.

As always the details are inside this episode. Please listen and share your comments.

Dr. Koz (and effect!) 

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Drawing Board

Your BIG DREAM. Created in YOUR image and likeness. You’re the designer and the architect. You’re the creator. what will you design?

Your dream coming true starts with the image you build in your mind. Give it detail. See it clearly. Incorporate your senses so you can feel all of it.

And listen to today’s episode for more details!

Dr. Koz (and effect 🙂