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A Guided Prosperity Meditation

Today’s episode is a little bit of a change of pace from what you would usually hear from me. This is a guided prosperity meditation over music. Find some time in your day to kick back, relax, put on the headphones and move into communion with your Soul. Let this be a silent retreat to help you find your center. That secret place of the most high within you where you will find all the answers you seek.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to hear more episodes like this one. Please enjoy, but not while you’re driving or operating any machinery. Be safe. Best practices call for you to close your outer eyes and relax.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

What Are You Talking About?

What are you talking about and what are you listening to? On this positive path for success, prosperity, quantum leap goal achievement and radical personal transformation, we have to constantly be on guard. It’s so easy to allow ourselves to slip into those conversations that are potentially toxic to our efforts and ambitions.

We may be going about our day, in a real good place mentally, spiritually and emotionally, when suddenly we enter into a conversation with a friend or even a stranger.  The other person may begin with their list of complaints and everything else that’s wrong in their life and with the world. What do we do? So often we are start out being kind, listening with a sympathetic or empathetic ear, but before long, we find our self sharing stories about our misery as well. We were sucked right in!

We have to be mindful. We have to stand guard of what we are allowing in and attaching our thoughts too. These conversations have their own frequency and vibration and hold the potential to shift us from the positive state we may be in.

We must also be mindful of the conversations we allow to go on in the privacy of our own mind. These can be dangerous as well!

Listen in to today’s episode as I go deeper and explain the effect of all of this.

Dr. Koz (and effect!) 

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.