Isn't it time to design the life you would love to live?

That's right! YOU are the designer and believe it or not, you have already designed the life you're living right now.

Our thoughts are things and the thoughts that we hold dominant with intense feeling and emotion are extremely creative.

That's why we see people who worry all the time eventually experience the things they were worrying about, They attracted it.

We are all human magnets but we are also greater, much greater than just that as spiritual beings. The possibilities for our life are limitless. Our potential is infinite and our imagination is the door way to our very own spot somewhere over the rainbow.

Are you ready? What do you want? What do your really want? What are you passionate about? What sets you on fire inside with burning desire?

It's time to live out loud and design a life you don't need a vacation from.

It's time to stop living for someone else's dream and live out loud for yours.

Let's get started! Tune in right here on a regular basis. Join the tribe and master mind and let's get you on track to living the life you would love to live!

The Genesis Frequency


Always something new and fresh to inspire you to attract greater good into your life. My mission is to help you move into a greater and grander version of yourself by helping you to discover more of the infinite potential and power within you!

Welcome to The Genesis Frequency!

I have studied persoanl development and human potential all of my adult life. However, I kept making inefficient choices that gave me results I did not want to experience. I asked myself "Why was I continuing to participate in behavior that didn't give me the results I really and truly wanted even though I had the knowledge and tools to do the things that would give me desirable results?"

I learned most of us do that! We learn things, we know things but we act in ways sometimes that are not in alignment with what we know. I also learned that thoughts form beliefs that create feelings that leads to our actions and ultimately our results.

What I discovered is that we have many of these thoughts and beliefs embedded deep within our subconscious mind that came from somebody or something else. These unconsciously held thoughts and beliefs cause us, as if on auto pilot and programmed, to take actions we don't know why we're taking creating results we don't want to experience!

I learned we can indeed change our programming and there is a certain way we need to do this. Then I learned we can accelerate the results we DO want to see when we add rhythm to the vision of what we want!

When we do this AND make a commitment to truly take responsibility for our lives and the results we want see we ver rapidly see radical personal transformation of our self.

That's what this show is all about. Satisfying any longing and discontent you may have in the shortest amount of time possible by cooperating with the laws of the Universe. There's so much more to it than simply the Law of Attraction. We have to connect the dots and live in harmony with all the laws then...SHAZAM! We're living the life we would love to live!

I truly hope you enjoy it!

Let me know my sending through a messaghe about the show RIGHT HERE.

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.