About Tené K. Kosmyna

Tené K. Kosmyna is the President of Success Ocean International, a consulting, coaching and training firm that serves individuals, small and large businesses, municipalities and corporations. Tené is a Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant specializing in helping client firms to establish a corporate culture of excellence based on exceptional character and integrity of both the individual and the organization inclusive of  its leaders and the executive team.

One of Tené’s distinguishing assets is the ability to create  an atmosphere of  extraordinary customer service by instilling a sense of unity and team from the ground up.

Tené coaches the individuals she works with to make quantum leaps in goal achievement by fostering radical personal transformation within.

Her approach, both professionally and personally, is warm and compassionate, holistic and spiritually based.

She is also a Nutritional Support Adviser and a Certified Belief Clearing Specialist focused on supporting and educating those afflicted with Type II Diabetes. Her unique methods teach clients how to use their inherent tools to get real, rapid and lasting results in their lives.

Tené says, “I guide others to an understanding of how to activate and exercise those inner tools we all have to get better results when we find ourselves in the experience of undesirable situations and conditions. I also help individuals identify just what they did unconsciously to get great results at times, results that they would like to duplicate, but they don’t exactly know how they happened.”

From her own journey, of having worn eyeglasses, being asthmatic; to being overweight, and diagnosed as a type II diabetic, she learned that she could do something about things that she was experiencing in her life—if she desired to. And did she ever!

Tené says, “My normal response to situations I couldn’t explain were: ‘it’s just a coincidence,’ or I would shrug and sigh to indicate there was nothing I could do. Often, I would get quiet and indifferent and hope that the situation would resolve itself. Sometimes I would talk to friends and family about the situation and hope that someone had the answer. However, there never seemed to be that RIGHT answer which meant the situation continued on and on. Then finally, I asked the questions to myself – which always seemed to be partnered with the feeling of anxiety, frustration, or being trapped: ‘How do I get better? What do I have to do to get that result?’”

She continues; “That is when I started to pay attention to the answers that were coming to me. I would act upon that inspiration, those answers, and they would work. I didn’t ignore that still small voice anymore. I found what works, and when something works great, you repeat it. That is when I knew I was on to something.”

Tené concludes, “As I took a look at what I wasn’t looking at, I learned thoughts form beliefs, leading to feelings, which lead us to action and action leads to results – and done properly, the manifestation of desired life experiences.”

For the past 20 years, I have invested in myself to receive the very best coach and consulting training, and certification, to learn specific techniques that foster rapid and radical transformation.

With this remembered knowledge, with applied doing, and success after success, I wanted to tell the world, so I started teaching what I knew. Most recently I have partnered with the Proctor Gallagher Institute as a consultant to help me spread this life transforming information even further.”

Even though Tené has her Masters Degree in Computer technology and a Bachelors in Business Administration, she says she still prefers old fashioned one on one conversation to discover and uncover needs, both with the individual and within an organization.  She says simply, and with a smile, “Let’s talk!”

You’ll find that Tené will custom design and create a program that’s right for you and / or your team!

Tené is also available for keynote talks, workshops, seminars and lunch and learns. Some topics you may be interested in, include but are not limited to:

Extraordinary Customer Service / Striving for Excellence

G.O.A.L.S. – Getting On Target Achieving Lasting Success 

The Knowing Doing Gap

Paradigms and How They Control Us

Corporate Culture and Team Building

Spirituality in the Workplace / It’s not about Religion!

Mindfulness and Meditation

Health and Wellness Starts With You

Attitude, Mindset and the Self Image

And Many. Many More….

Conversations and interviews by appointment. Click here to message Tené

More information about Tené’s Premier Program for both Business and Individuals can be found by CLICKING HERE.