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Unity Prosperity

I Am the Light

I Am the Seer of the Flame and the Flame Itself. In this Light I Am cleansed, sanctified, whole and complete. Divine Love and Wisdom leads me through the garden of Life and deep into the center of all that I Am.

Here we are One. This Divine Presence touches me from the inside out and leaves an eternal fragrance that fills my soul as a ceaseless reminder of the indwelling unconditional Love It is. In this Light and Love I live and move and have my being and this Light and Love lives me and breathes me, Its Wisdom guides me and I Am grateful. I Am that I Am.
Dr. Koz – Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

You Are Divine Brilliance Expressing!

If we would sit long enough in the silence visiting the secret place within, we would come to the realization and an absolute knowing, that beneath our dark veil is an Inner Presence, the Holy Spirit of Life that actually lives us and breathes us.

As we shed the unreal and live from this union with our Inner Source, doubts, fears and the illusions of limitations dissolve and fall to nothingness like our shadows do as we turn to face the Light.

The Holy Spirit of Divine Life, Love and Wisdom is our innate essence. As we glorify all that is good, all that is God, we should also glorify the Divine Brilliance we are. Let us strive in every moment to live from this Truth of our beingness; in every thought, word and action, with profound gratitude for the gift of this Divine Expression that we call our life.

– Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.