Metaphysics of Manifestation III – Where is Your Desire Now?

Think about it. You want something, tangible or intangible, and you would like to attract it into your life. Whether it’s a person, place, thing, condition or experience it would have to be somewhere now in order for you to attract it, right? So where is it now? To answer that question you have to understand all the laws and principles that precede attraction laws.

In this episode I go deeper into the nature and origin of everything that shows up as our reality and experience. In the last few previous episodes, I began discussing the field and laws of infinite potential and your own personal doorway to a place in consciousness where all things are possible. I began the discussion by talking about unconditioned source energy.

In the last few episodes we looked at the metaphysical definitions of energy, power, mind, thinker and thought and their relationship to each other. In this episode, we take a closer at our demonstration and the materialization of our desires.

Understand these basics to more quickly make manifest the life and conditions you would love to live and experience.

For now it’s about awareness, contemplation, reflection and pondering your infinite potential and the unlimited energy and power that not only is available to you, but the energy and power station you are that has the ability to move desires from non-form to form, from the invisible to the visible.

Once you move to a place of clarity around all of this, you’ll be able to greatly influence what is showing up for you and begin to finally attract the results you want and the desires of your heart, tangible and intangible. And make no mistake, this applies to individuals, small business owners and those of you in a corporate environment as well.

Listen in now to continue your transformation.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency Podcast / Success Ocean International