Denying Power to Your Error Thoughts

When you begin installing your new success program, that I discussed with you in last week’s episode, you’ll want to make sure you delete any and all corrupt files. Of course I am talking about corrupt files within your own consciousness.

Another name for these internal corrupt files which make up your programming is error thoughts. Error thoughts are based on beliefs that have no foundation in truth.

In the personal, professional and leadership development space you have probably heard much about positive affirmations. I speak about the proper use of affirmations quite often here as well. However, one thing that is often ignored is the inner work that goes along with remaining in the energy of our affirmative statements.

On the flip side of affirmations we find denials. Denials are used to reject the error thoughts that tend to die hard when we are working affirmatively to install our new success programming through positive affirmative statements and thoughts.

Using denials properly is another element of the “Certain Way” of effectively and efficiently working with the laws of infinite potential to make quantum leaps toward your personal and professional goals. This is a process of consistently denying power to all your thinking that is rooted and grounded in falsehood and delusion.

Denials act like an eraser when used properly and help you to gently move into the truth of your infinite potential and the limitless possibilities available for your life experience.

A great place to start with all this is right here, listening to this episode. In this entry, I take a deeper dive into the proper use of denials when it comes to your success and achievement along with your performance and productivity improvement.

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Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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