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Navigate Back to Center

When I use the Google maps app, from time to time I have to hit ‘re-center’ to remind the navigation application where I Am. In a previous post I shared the importance of getting back to love whenever we feel off center, move through contrast, crisis, old patterns of behavior and the consequences of inefficient…

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Love and Wisdom Lead the Way

Daily Reflection I Am vibrantly alive within the Presence of Good. So much so I dwell perpetually in the sweet fragrance of the Divine and slow dance with the joy of all that Is. Divine Love embraces me as we move across the dance floor of Life. Its hold assures me I Am always provided…

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Prune Your Lifeless Thoughts

Yesterday I trimmed and pruned a house plant cutting away the seemingly lifeless leaves, which had served by giving in all its glory and beauty. Yet its essence still remained; the roots and the aliveness of all that it is. Let the simplicity of this pruning be a reminder to look at ourselves and discern…

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