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Divine Space

Close your eyes, breathe and reach into the divine space. These words came to me this morning delivered by an Angel, a messenger. So I closed my eyes heeding the words in the message. We should always pay attention to messages like these when they come.

With eyes closed I not only reached into that Divine Space, I found myself immersed in It. I realized that we are all already immersed in the Divine; the space, the time, the place, the beingness of Divine Life Itself, which is expressing so beautifully here and now in, as and through us.

Mindfully aware now and with this spiritual understanding, we can accept and realize it all comes down to choices and what we are choosing to experience. We can live in and from the Divine Space we are all immersed in or the shackles and chains of situations and circumstances that are ever changing, yet binding us to an illusion of ‘that’s all there is.’ We can allow ourselves to be haunted by the inner chatter begging and gnawing and asking ‘is this my HOW?’ and my ‘all that I have to work with’ stuff? Is this present moment where I am deep in a depressing circumstance all there is and ever will be? Or is there more that I can choose to see?

I invite you to move to the realization that in the Divine Space that you are already immersed in, all things are possible and you need never ever know the HOW for yourself. It will come as surely as the prince finds the owner of the glass slippers. Your somewhere over the rainbow is right where you are at all times. It is perspective and choice.

Choose to live in love with infinite possibility and potential as your soul mate and your reality. Choose to abandon situations and current circumstances as your ultimate fate and know they are a passing illusion bearing a gift of growth, not a ball and chain with no key binding you forever more.

The illusion of a distance between you and your dreams fades away in this Space. Doubts and fears fade in this Divine Space and Place. Uncertainty bears a gift, impossible becomes possible, the potential is revealed and life lived in love, here and now, in a ceaseless awareness of the Divine Space in which you are swimming, bears the greatest gift of all; knowing all things are possible.

Every wish, every desire, every intention and dream fly to you in this Space perhaps on the wings of your own Angel. Pay attention, live in love, your message is on its way, mine arrived today and I Am profoundly grateful.

– Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

About the author, Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D. is an Inspirational Speaker, an author and an ordained New Thought Unity Minister. He provides inspiration and motivation through his podcasts, the written word and rhythm events.

He is the founder and CEO of Success Ocean International through which he operates as a Proctor-Gallagher Institute Consultant facilitating radical personal transformation and quantum leap goal achievement through a variety of programs for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

His mission is the message of whole life success and prosperity available to everyone through the understanding of, and cooperation with; Universal Laws.

Dr. Stephen has his master’s degree in Metaphysical Science with a focus on the power of our subconscious mind and his Doctor of Philosophy degree specializing in holistic life coaching. A true mystic and metaphysician, he is a member in good standing of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association and offers one on one spiritual counselling, coaching and spiritual mind treatments as well.

Dr. Stephen is also the founder of The Genesis Frequency podcast and author of the book, The Genesis Frequency, which helps others to create the life they would love to live by cooperating with the rhythm of life.

He also loves nurturing and coaching the spiritually minded entrepreneur, empowering them to live their dream life now. He seeks to work with women and men who would like to make success, personal development, spirituality and the law of attraction a profession and a way a life.

Dr. Stephen says, “In this field of human potential development an individual can work anywhere in the world with a laptop and phone, earning an executive level income now, not in years. My program puts an emphasis on living your life by design, a life you don’t need a vacation from because every day is a vacation day!”

Dr. Stephen works by appointment and conducts interviews prior to selecting individual candidates for most of his programs to determine qualifications and see if there is alignment regarding energy and objectives.

Conversations and interviews by appointment. Call 248.939.1472

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