Mindfulness for Business Owners, Leaders and Sales Executives

Every single law and practice I discuss when it comes to personal development, absolutely and categorically applies to professional and business growth and development as well. In fact our results are magnified because the heart centered professional makes an impact on, and influences, all those he or she serves. Day in and day out we have the opportunity to touch so many lives in a positive and profound way.

We all want our businesses to thrive, grow and flourish. We all want to provide an extraordinary experience for our clients and customers. Yet in the busyness of our demanding day we often neglect where we are in consciousness. We forget that the law of cause and effect applies to everything in our universe including everything in our own field of experience. We move about our day unconsciously. We often operate with a very small piece of our attention in the present moment while the rest of our thought energy has moved ahead to ‘what’s next’ in a future that isn’t here yet.

Learning to be fully present in this NOW moment will relieve us of stress and anxiety, provide us clarity of mind, and empower us to live fresh in consciousness with our full attention on the task at hand in any given moment.

Take the time to listen in to today’s episode. Even five minutes a day, intentionally devoted to a mindfulness practice, will begin at once to make a difference in your life and your business, inside and out, including the bottom line!

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency / Success Ocean International

Guided Meditation for Peace of Mind and Tranquility

Now more than ever it is time to take care of you. There is a peace in your soul that surpasses all understanding. We may not understand it yet it is there. It is your center. It is whole, it is perfect and it is complete. We often cloak this inner garden of serenity with thoughts of worry, doubt and fear.

Today I invite you to join me in this guided meditation where we’ll peel back the layers, lift the veil and go within, allowing this tranquility to radiate from the inside out and wash over every cell and fiber of our being. It’s time to take control of your thoughts and move from fear to love, from turmoil to tranquility and from uncertainty to guidance and inspiration. Enjoy!

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

A Thanksgiving Meditation

Treat yourself to this episode by kicking back and relaxing. Put in the earbuds or slip on the headphones. It’s time again to enjoy a gently guided meditation focusing on appreciation for all life’s blessings. Enjoy!

Dr. Koz (and effect!) 

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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A Guided Prosperity Meditation

Today’s episode is a little bit of a change of pace from what you would usually hear from me. This is a guided prosperity meditation over music. Find some time in your day to kick back, relax, put on the headphones and move into communion with your Soul. Let this be a silent retreat to help you find your center. That secret place of the most high within you where you will find all the answers you seek.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to hear more episodes like this one. Please enjoy, but not while you’re driving or operating any machinery. Be safe. Best practices call for you to close your outer eyes and relax.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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In today’s episode I take a look at the daily “must do” list or what I call non-negotiables. These are daily activities that must be done no matter what. You could call them good habits.  These non-negotiables must be done every day even if we don’t feel like it, no excuses. We make the time  for them because we know they are a key to our success and whole life prosperity. What are your non-negotiables?

Listen in to today’s episode as I share my list and the reasons why these activities are non-negotiable.

What are your non-negotiables?

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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