Spiritual Power Tools for Personal and Professional Development – V

In this episode we do a wrap up of this mini-series that has focused on looking at your powerful, intangible assets or Super Powers and the simple process to help you become more aware of them, develop them, and integrate them into your own character.

This has all been about ‘finding and replacing’ OR ‘noticing and integrating’ new habitual thought patterns that replace the old worn out thought programming that has been centered in worry, doubt, fear, lack, limitation and failure.

Remember the equation is always; thoughts + feelings + actions = results. And always in that order. Same old thoughts, same olde results. Don’t expect anything different to show up in your life or your business, especially your dreams and goals, if you don’t get to work on changing your thought habits by refocusing them on your innate super powers.

The first step is the realization that all of these assets I’m speaking about are inherent within all of us including you. Intentionally exercising these innate faculties or ‘super powers’ will help you to brush away all the habitual thoughts, words and actions that are not supportive of the ideal you seek to create in your life. This is also key to eliminating internal negative dialogue.

This is all part of doing things in a certain way so that you successfully align with the frequency of your ideal life. Once you establish an always on awareness of your indwelling super powers, you will realize how powerful you are to deliberately create the YOU that begins living the life you would love to live.

Remember, you want to focus on what you are being in order to do and have all that you desire. These intangible faculties of mind and spirit are really your own personal power tools that become stronger as you work them into your own affirmative statements.

Listen in now to gain more clarity and start using them today.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency Podcast / Success Ocean International

Manifestation: Support System

In the last two episodes I shared information about all the things that can potentially be stumbling blocks as we set out to intentionally and deliberately make manifest the life we would love to live.

In today’s episode I offer practices that are supportive along our way while the law of gestation is at work. By replacing old worn out habits that are non-supportive of our objectives with the manifestation support mechanics offered in this episode, we will become less susceptible to distractions that delay the materialization of our desires.

Make no mistake, whether we want to experience different and more desirable results in our personal life or our professional life, or both, the process is the same as outlined in these last few episodes.

This process works and it works all the time because it’s law. To experience your biggest, wildest, craziest most outrageous dreams, the ones that excite you and scare you at the same time; as an individual, a small business owner or in your corporate environment, it begins here and now with an understanding of these Laws of Infinite Potential and doing things in a certain way.

Listen in now.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency Podcast / Success Ocean International