Mental Faculties III: Will (Focus)

Becoming aware of and then developing our six mental faculties is the key to learning to live life from the inside out rather than from the outside in. When we cultivate these faculties, we quickly see how they become supportive of everything we desire to accomplish in life both personally and professionally.

Life for most is a series of reactions to what is happening in the world around them. We don’t have control over what’s happening outside of us so that’s a very ineffective way to live life, especially if we have big dreams and goals we would like to accomplish. Stay tuned to this podcast as we move through each of these faculties.

Last week we explored the mental faculty of intuition and how it serves us well as we listen to it pointing the way, nudging us in a certain direction or directing us to follow through or not follow through one way or another.

As we exercise and develop all these mental faculties they become powerful tools that assist us to make quantum leaps in the direction of all we wish to be, do and have in our lives.

In this episode the next mental faculty we examine is WILL. And we’re not talking about willpower or being willful. In this context we look to WILL as the power we have to focus intently on our worthy ideal. Our energy flows where our attention goes so developing this faculty is critical to the achievement of our desired objective.

Listen in now to learn more about this and for a few ways that you can exercise and strengthen this faculty of the WILL.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency Podcast / Success Ocean International

The Wisdom of Children = Quantum Leaps

Price Pritchett, Ph.D., author of you² wrote recently:

“Adults rarely make quantum leaps, but small children make them all the time. You want to know why? The little ones focus on ends, rather than means. Kids have no hang-up about technique. Being so young and inexperienced, they’re often practically devoid of “methodology.” But they’re open-minded, goal-focused, and true believers in experimentation. They lock in mentally on their objective, and seem quite willing to let the goal determine the methodology.” 

In our personal and professional lives it’s about time we start going back to basics and look through the lens of the child to find our solutions and the path we should take when it comes to goal achievement.

Whether you have a burning desire for yourself as an individual, or a big dream for your small business or in your corporate environment, it would serve you well to listen in to this episode. Some of the answers you are seeking may be crawling around on the floor right in front of you. STOP and pay attention to the wisdom of children and you just might learn how to make a quantum leap in your life in the direction of all you wish to be, do and have.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency Podcast / Success Ocean International

Wisdom is Avoiding All Thoughts that Weaken You

In this episode we wrap up the discussion based on the book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer titled, “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace.” In this episode we conclude with chapter ten which is all about avoiding thoughts that weaken us.

Many of us don’t even realize that our thoughts have the power to determine what is taking place within us. Every thought you have either weakens you or strengthens you. This strengthening or weakening takes place not just in consciousness but in your physical body as well; in every organ, cell and fiber of your being.

We must be vigilant and pay attention to which direction our thoughts are leading us. It’s up to our Self to take control, to determine the direction we wish to go. It’s up to us to choose thoughts that are in alignment with the life we would love to live or to choose thoughts that weaken us and move us into an undesirable emotional state.

The time is now to take some inner inventory. We need to look behind the curtain and in the shadows to determine if we harbor thoughts of shame, guilt, apathy, animosity or any other thoughts that weaken us.

Listen in now, don’t wait. Develop this inner awareness that notices the direction of your thoughts; thoughts which either empower you or weaken you. Then consciously take control. It all starts here. Begin now, setting the intention to make the year ahead your best year ever, living the life you would love to live!

Dr. Kozs (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

The Genesis Frequency / Success Ocean International